In designing The Urban Electric Co.’s newest fixture, the Kensington, creative director Michael Amato was heavily inspired by London history. Following a passion for the city’s past, Michael came across a news article celebrating the 150th anniversary of the world-famous transit system. He was awed by a series of globe lights he saw in an old photograph from a station under construction.

Using that image as a starting point, he began designing and engineering a modern version of the floating globe with a delicate armature. Adding embellishments, the piece was completed with hand-blown glass from Italy. Made with a 10-watt LED panel, the Kensington incorporates technology that improves the light’s output and color quality. The fixture’s balance of weighted lightness embodies the dichotomy of tradition and innovation that is signature to UECo. lighting.

Hanging over a meter long, the fixture above is shown in Hewn Brass with Clear Glass. Like all UECo. fixtures, it can be customized in a range of finishes including bronze, blackened pewter, silver gilt and endless paint selections. The Kensington is a tribute to global lighting and in particular, London’s timeless influence on design.

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