Since its founding, The Urban Electric Co. has put a focus on uncompromising craftsmanship with fixtures constructed of the finest materials at their workshop in Charleston, South Carolina. It was the vision of the company founder, Dave Dawson, to create a modern interpretation of a traditional apprentice to master craftsmen program that gives the artisans a path to career growth.


At the core of UECo’s values is the belief that expertly trained craftsmen are an integral part of delivering their distinctive bench made lighting fixtures to designers and architects around the world. Maintaining the tradition of craft, UECo.’s 100,000 square foot factory in a former Naval Yard houses about 130 craftsmen of various skill levels and specialties, who collaborate to meet the highest quality standards and most precise degrees of customization.


UECo.’s method of production is two-tiered with highly specialized custom work and a more streamlined process to produce fixtures to order for the “Quick Ship” program that leaves the factory in just 2-4 weeks. UECo.’s ability to make the skilled craftsmanship process more efficient allows traditional handwork to prevail despite modern demands for production.

Dave’s vision and guidance have helped create a company that is constantly pushing the boundaries of a once-antiquated view of manufacturing, by bringing the company forward with an approach that allows for sustainability into the future.


Today, The Urban Electric Company services an international clientele of interior designers and architects with a full collection of both interior and exterior fixtures as well as one of the most extensive custom offerings in the industry.


For more information about UECo.’s production and creative culture, check out this video.