Hakan Ozkasikci


The theme of this year’s British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) Conference is ‘Interior Identities’ and architect and designer Hakan Ozkasikci will be giving a talk exploring identity and hospitality design, titled ‘A Sense of Place – Cultural Identity and Hospitality Design’.

Hospitality design involves designing for a complex and fascinating mix of identities. Designers must create a space that fits with an overall brand identity whilst also reflecting its geographical place. One design project may often encompass a range of different but linked spaces – private rooms, restaurants, spas, cinemas, conference facilities and more. The designer must also design for a wide and varied range of users – business travellers, families, couples, young, old, ‘Baby Boomers, ‘Generation X’ and ‘Millenials’. How can design meet the challenges of varying, and sometimes competing, needs of these many customers? And do people’s very identities shift when they are in a transient environment away from home? In this talk, Hakan will discuss how, in his role as design director in the incredibly competitive hospitality design sector, he meets the challenge of designing to meet all these identities.

Having worked on a number of high calibre international hospitality and high end residential projects, Hakan Ozkasikci is now Director of Architecture at InterContinental Hotels Group, IHG. As the custodian of the architectural excellence IHG’s flagship brand, his role focuses on overseeing the design efforts of the largest hotel franchise in the world. In addition to over 22 years of international design experience in more than 15 countries in Europe and Asia, Hakan’s academic career is based on sustainable design principles and their interpretations within the hospitality industry for the future.

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