Inside Knowledge 2018

Session 6: ‘The App That Changed My Life’

30 Euston Square November 8, 2018 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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Kia Stanford
Simone Suss
Peter Staunton
Natalia Shchyra
Sarah Ahluwalia
Harriet Forde
Susie Rumbold
Gilly Craft

In this exciting, quick-fire discussion hosted by Susie Rumbold, seven BIID members will be sharing their insights on the specific app/website/technology that helps improve their working life. You will hear from:

  • Kia Stanford on utilising Basecamp for project management and team communication
  • Simone Suss on using Instagram to showcase her projects and promote her brand
  • Peter Staunton on using app Sketchfab to enhance his designs in 3D
  • Natalia Shchyra on creating impactful client presentations using Virtual Reality based software Kubity
  • Sarah Ahluwalia on using interior design business planning software Estimac
  • Harriet Forde on maximising Pinterest as a time-saving and space-saving tool for sharing creative inspiration
  • Gilly Craft on using Xero accounting software to manage business finances

The designers will each make the case for why these technologies should be part of every interior designers working tool kit.