Case Study: Cafe à Vin, London E1

The Background:

Working with Ray Costelloe, Managing Director at CCE Group Ltd, we were approached early on to work with Michelin star chef Jeff Galvin and General Manager Alex Piombino to create and develop a new bar concept for Cafe à Vin with the challenge of offering numerous fine wines on display but also serving straight from the cabinet at the perfect drinking temperature. Another key element of the brief was to increase storage capacity as well as maintain the display element for the bar, so after in-depth consultations and design changes, we presented a solution that worked for both Jeff and Alex.


The Solution:

The solution developed featured four Iglu custom units and ambient shelving system, which had to look clean, sharp and deliver the “wow” factor. One of the key features was to incorporate our “no dots” LED lighting with dimmer control to change the ambience of the bar setting to allow the restaurant to change the feel, mood of the surrounding environment.

We also had to offer a multi-temperature and humidity solution as well as maximise storage zones for housing various wines & champagne for this extremely busy bar / restaurant to suit their daily demands. The end result, after many months of consultation, was this fantastic bar with custom refrigeration to match not only the interior decor but deliver “exactly” what the clients wanted.

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