About Us

The British Institute of Interior Design is a collective voice dedicated to raising the status of our profession and showing the world what our practitioners can offer.

Leading the field: Since 1965 we have championed interior designers and their work and have striven for wider recognition of our profession’s contribution to the built environment. Now established as the pre-eminent body in our field – the reason we were uniquely granted institute status in 2009 – we are in a position to inspire the best of our profession, from the largest commercial to the smallest residential practices.

A vision for our profession: With almost 50 years at the forefront of our industry, we are unwavering in our vision of an interior design profession that is exceptional in quality and creativity and celebrated as such. We have an extremely talented membership that continues to set the standards of practice. We are focused on continuing to attract the best of our diverse field – nurturing young talent, shaping education and bringing together those who want to be a part of the future of interior design in the UK.

Nurturing and inspiring talent: Vital to our vision is the inspiration of great talent – that’s why the BIID is committed to a leading role in education. We are a natural part of an interior designer’s career from start to finish; working with educators at the grass roots level, supporting designers as they move into practice and continuing to encourage their professional development throughout their careers.

Starting out: The BIID’s Professional Pathway has been created to answer the needs of our profession and to support our vision of the future. Carefully created to help the transition from study to working practice, the Professional Pathway ensures that all practising BIID Members have met the highest professional standards. The series of Professional Pathway modules – covering all aspects of our practice – have been developed in conjunction with leading design educators and working designers. They represent a key element in our drive for excellence.

An ongoing commitment to learning and support: Membership of the BIID offers flexible support and resources to designers at all stages of their career. Many of our members have been with us for decades and they continue to gain from their membership by connection to others, by accessing professional resources such as contracts and legal advice and by learning through our range of continuing professional development. (CPD) programmes and events. The Institute is dedicated to delivering the kind of practical support that nourishes careers and helps our members’ practices flourish.

Connecting our professionals, improving our practice:We connect our membership to each other, to the broader design world, to the leaders of our profession and to a range of quality resources and support.

Connecting in person: We host several networking events each year, from small select gatherings to our own annual conference.

An online community: Our website and social media sites are a core means of sustaining contact, creating dialogue and reaching beyond our membership. Practical help is available through our website resources – CPD Providers Directory, supplier database and BIID publications. Our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites host lively debates on industry issues and provide a forum for our growing number of members and followers to share experiences and expertise.